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Perfect kitchen how to find it?

Perfect kitchen how to find it?

Welcome to yet another blog from South London Kitchen and Bathroom fitters. Sometimes finding your perfect kitchen is a tough task. Especially if you want something like, one off a kind, bright red or electric green, sparkling kitchen.

Well, even in this situation South London Kitchen and Bathroom fitters can help you. We’ll make your kitchen just the way you want it and any color you want it.

As we say here, anything is possible. Sometimes, if problem is the color of the kitchen, all we need to do, is to change it. We work in close partnership with company, that does spray painting. Any color is possible, even if you do not know what is it called and only have something that is desired color. Like wall tile, or maybe just a piece of plastic. To achieve that your thing would be scanned and color code created. Simple.

On other occasions color change is not an issue. Instead, your kitchen may be some awkward shape and standard units won’t fit. That is not problem for us. We can amend actual units to the size we need, make a new, or amend existing door and problem solved.

Some kitchen manufacturers make Kitchens to measure. These cost a lot more comparing to standard kitchens, but you can choose almost anything you want. Any size, any style any color.

So, if you’ve dreamt of your perfect kitchen and want to see it in reality, South London Kitchen and Bathroom Fitters is the perfect place to start with.


I hope that this blog will shed the light on to subject, but if you still have any questions, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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