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Kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops

Welcome to another blog by South London Kitchen and Bathroom Fitters.
This time we’ll talk about kitchen worktops and how to choose the right one for your kitchen.

Natural stone kitchen worktops.

Uniform colored stone worktops work great with modern style kitchens. They are low maintenance and the same stone can be used as an up-stand and hob splash-back.
However, pattern colored stone worktops work better with contemporary and cottage style kitchens.

Natural wood kitchen worktops.

Wooden worktops come in variety of colors and patterns. As they are wooden the best way of protection is oil or varnish.  You can also achieve different different sheen and color using different oils or varnishes.
These kitchen worktops look best with contemporary and cottage style kitchens. They also add extra touch of cosines to the kitchen.
The best and most popular splash-back option for natural wood kitchen worktop is tiling.
One thing to note is, that natural wood worktop requires more maintenance then any other worktop. To keep it in tip top condition and to stop water penetrating into the wood it has to be re-oiled or re-varnished time to time. How often? Well, it depends on how much use and abuse it gets.
Although it may sound like a big deal, with a bit of guidance, it can usually be done by the kitchen owner.

Stainless-Steel kitchen worktops.

These worktops are usually used with ultra modern kitchen styles. They look great with glass splash-back.
Special care has to be taken when cleaning such worktop. It scratches easily and can be damaged, if wrong cleaning products are used.

Polished concrete kitchen worktops.

These worktops are usually used with ultra modern kitchen styles and look great with glass splash-backs.

Laminated kitchen worktops.

Laminated kitchen worktops are the most popular worktops. They come in huge variety of colors and styles as well as sheen options.
Another thing that attracts people, is the price.
There are some limitations when using laminated worktops. One of them is that it can not be used with Belfast style kitchen sinks.
If you need more advise on kitchen worktops, call South London kitchen and bathroom fitters now and we’ll help you to choose the best option.
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