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Which kitchen extractor?

Which kitchen extractor?

Good kitchen extraction is very important, especially if you cook a lot.

Here, at South London Kitchen and Bathroom Fitters we’ll try to help you choose right extractor for your kitchen.
Kitchen hood extractors come in ducting out and recycling types. Names speak for themselves, ducting out means that all extracted air goes outside the building, Recycling means that extracted air after passing through carbon filters, comes back to your kitchen.

We always suggest to duct out your kitchen hood, but sometimes it is not possible and recycling kitchen hood is the only option that can be used.
Some people assume that if there is no possibility to duct out – open window will do the trick…
Unfortunately that is not the case. Cooking fumes containing food and oil particles spread across the kitchen landing up on all surfaces as a layer of greasy film. So, even if there is no possibility to duct out your cooker hood, use it with carbon filters and it will help you to keep the kitchen in tip top condition.
OK, let’s talk about kitchen extractor hood types.

The most popular and cheapest are chimney extractor hoods. They come in variety of styles and are available for recycling and ducting out. They fit to the wall above the cooker.

The second place goes to integrated extractor hoods. These hoods come in three sub-types. Integrated canopy hoods, integrated telescopic hoods and under mounted hoods. All of them fit in to the cupboard above the cooker and usually can be used for duct out or recycling.

If your cooker is on the kitchen island then then chimney or integrated kitchen extractor hood is not an option. Instead, you’ll have even more options.

Kitchen island extractor hood is first of the options.
It looks like chimney extractor hood, but has nice finish all around and fits to the ceiling above the cooker. Kitchen island extractor hoods come in variety of shapes and styles and usually can be used for duct out or recycling.

Second option would be ceiling mounted kitchen extractor hood.
As name suggests, this type of kitchen extractor hood fits in to the ceiling. Ceiling mounted hood can only be used for duct out. As it sits in the ceiling above the cooker, the extraction rate is much higher and it requires 150mm ducting to deal with the air flow efficiently.

One more option is pendant kitchen cooker hood.
These hoods look like pendant lights and mostly are recycling only.

Downdraft kitchen cooker extractor is the last option on our list.
This type of extractors fit in to the worktop, right behind the cooker hob and come out only when you cook. Downdraft kitchen extractors come with variety of extraction and lights options.

I hope that this blog will shed the light on to the Kitchen extractors subject. If you still have any questions, please give a call to South London Kitchen and Bathroom fitters and we’ll be happy assist you further.

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